Structural partners

lamot Meet in Mechelen nekkerhal kasteel tivoli technopolis

mechelen hotel association Priintr Reclame online Baeten Vinopolis

Partners @ Lamot

Abusol Coka Partystyling DB Video digivents Eating Point

Fielddrive Sense lamot Motcha

Partners @ Nekkerhal

Abusol Cover Levi Part Rental Faek Wout's Gin

Maison Rouge S Protection Virginie Claes The Frontline Company Tobseen

Technical Partners @ Nekkerhal

DB Video Dresscoat Sense tcf tcf

Motcha L& L Stage Service

Catering Partners @ Nekkerhal


Travel Partners

Imagine Travel Icelandair Gray Line Iceland flyover iceland islandsstofa

reykjavik excursions iceland travel blue lagoon marina meet in reykjavik special tours


Jada Events
Organizer of the live presentations & award show


experience Z invite

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